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yeh you tell know


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Consider me commented. ^_^

Re: oi.

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You're already on my flist, though.

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Do people who are already on your frends list have to comment? If so, consider me commenting. :)

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No, it's just for people not already on. :)

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Nifty icon!

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I'm telling you, it took me FOREVER to figure out what that last word was. At first, I thought it said, "Comment to be guided." I wondered if you were starting your own religion. Then I thought it said, "Comment to be Guilded." I wondered if you were recruiting for a game. Then I thought it said, "Comment to be Gelded." And I thought you were starting your own religion again. Or reviving the lost art of surgical castratti. Then I thought it said, "Comment to be gaided." And thus I was just simply confused. I had to click on the picture to see it big in order to tell it said, "Comment to be added." Man, was I far from the mark . . . And am slightly dissappointed there was no gaming or gelding going on . . .

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If it had said 'gelded' I'd be surprised if anyone actually commented.

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Hi. *waves*

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Just in case I need to do so, comment!


Happy New Year! Take care!


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I'd like to stay, please. :)

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Nobody's getting kicked off. :)

hi justice

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Just wanted to give you a head's up that I'm friending you! I like what you have to say on feminist and would like to be lj friends :)


Re: hi justice

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Cool. Will friend you back shortly. :)


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...we went to the same high school, on top of a lot of other amusing things.

Re: Curious.

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What years were you there? It looks like we have a couple of the same people on our flist and some of the same interests. Did you play in some of the LARPs with Cory and others?

Re: Curious.

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this will probably seem out of the blue - i am also in the Feminist rage community. i saw your grammar avatar(s) and as a bit of a pedant, they made me giggle :)

no need to add me if you don't want - i just wanted to say that about the avatar!

hope you're ok
dogtanian x

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Hmm. Feminist, devout liberal, fantasy writer and enraged by dreadful Internet/fantasy writing. You interest me. Can I come in?

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Thanks! I'll get you added. :)

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Honestly, your avatar is what interested me. I use lj to keep up with gaming and fantasy writer types, so if you'd have me I'd enjoy. Thanks for your consideration, Bob

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Hi - I spoke to you in rp_discuss...
Be my friend, fellow fantasy writer? *puppy eyes*

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Well, I think if you read my user info you also have fair warning that I'm very hard left and feminist, so if you're cool with all that, then awesome. :)

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I just wanted to apologize for over in feminist. I put up too much resistance without doing any research and I know you said you were getting emotionally involved and hurt and stuff, so.. I felt I should apologize for being stubborn and ignorant.

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No, I apologize as well for losing my temper. I got a bit more emotional than I should have over there. And I think I'd mentioned, normally I really enjoy reading your comments and posts over there.

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Hey! I hope its ok if I friend you. I was looking at your userinfo and I think we have a bit in common! Love the Sawyer banner as well!!

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Awesome! I'll friend you back! :)

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I saw you when [ profile] cochese mentioned you, and as another thoroughly feminist gamer with Denver connections, I imagine I'd love to read more of your stuff...

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Ditto! I will add you. :)

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Hi! :) I saw you posting on the latest lj_biz post, and honestly, I checked out your profile because your user pic looks uncannily like a friend of mine, so I was making sure it wasn't her. ;) Anyway, once I arrived at your profile I realized that, even though you're not that friend of mine you look super awesome! So if it'd be okay, I'd like to friend your journal. Feel free to tell me to bugger off. ;)

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No problem... I'll likely be friending you back, after I get home from work and have an opportunity to check you out.
(deleted comment)

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Another radical feminist? Please do. :)

[identity profile] 2007-08-10 01:37 am (UTC)(link) seem pretty interesting. Add me?

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Just saying "Hi".
Figured I'd add you as we seem to be having a good discussion on the RP group :)

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Thanks! I added you back. :)

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I saw you commented on my husband's journal (Salith) and was curious so I took a look at your user info, you sound like a really cool, opinionated person. So I added you to my friend's list, and would love to be able to read your journal.

Take care!

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Definitely very opinionated! :)

I added you back.

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Just wanted to say hi. I added you as a friend because of mutual interests. Hope you don't mind! : )


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I got here via Ginmar and a comment you left there. You sounded interesting and articulate, so I came here to check out your blog. I'd really love to read what you have to say.

Re: commenting

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Oh, and you play D&D as well! Yay! Are you a member of [ profile] dnd_women? That place needs more people. You're added. Ginmar is generally a good indicator of good people. :)

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Hi! I just had to say thank you for writing this:

I feel like it's someone whining about their toe being stepped on while I have a broken leg.

in DC.

It rocked. :)

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Thank you. :)

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